Calming aromas that can bring calm and clarity at this time

Calming aromas that can bring calm and clarity at this time

In our ever progressively bustling lives, it appears the level of stress continues to rise. It can be a little unclear if the feelings of anxiety are actually rising personally, or if as an overall public we are losing our capacity to adapt any further. On the news most recently we are seeing the effects of COVID-19 on our mental health. The financial and health concerns appear to be never ending. For many, there comes a period when their mind begins anticipating a looming emergency. It’s important that steps are brought rapidly to quiet things down emotionally and mentally. This is a good time to try meditation or beginners yoga online as it may support any rising anxiety levels.

Powerful little aromas can create a calming atmosphere when you are feeling down. Essential aroma oils can play their part when you need them most. The aroma can help us during life’s strained events, around evening time when we have to slow down, or for calming us when we feel most anxious or vulnerable.

Here’s our list of favourite aromas and their benefits.


All citrus essential oils have a positive, inspiring impact on the psyche that can truly prove to be useful when you’re feeling sad, however, none are as inspiring as lemon. The lemon aroma can help battle sentiments of outrage, burnout, dread, sorrow, fractiousness, uneasiness, anxiety, and even despondency. Lemon also has antiviral and antibacterial properties and can help battle sore throats and colds by boosting the body’s resistance to these ailments. You can use a diffuser and a few drops of lemon essential oil to spread the calming aroma in your space.



This intriguing, gritty Sweetgrass is a reviving and convincing blend of aroma that rejuvenates the mind and calms the feelings. An unpredictable aroma, this one of a kind fragrance elevates to improve focus, bolster, rest, and fortify the sensory system. It can be a great compliment when practicing yoga online as it provides the balance of bringing energy and calmness simultaneously. For the strong fragrance, include a couple of drops of Vetiver essential oil into a diffuser, and permit the aroma to penetrate the room.


Lavender is possibly the most loved and popular fragrance that is utilized in aromatherapy all around the world. The aromas from the oils of the lavender plant are known to provide clarity and calmness. It is additionally said to help decrease pressure, nervousness, and even help when someone is in agony. The lavender essential oil has properties that keep stress levels in control. This is especially true when it comes to it’s relaxing and calming influence on the brain. Lavender’s aroma is so powerful, it can invigorate the parasympathetic sensory system. Lavender soothingly calms nerves and can decrease anxious pressure, including the treatment of cerebral pains and headaches.


Like lavender, Jasmine is used to calm nerves. This oil is typically utilized to deal with depression because of its inspiring ability to bring a sentiment of certainty, positive thinking, and revived vitality.

Palo Santo 

This delightfully sweet-smelling wood scent is delicately aromatic, clearing, and calming. Palo Santo deciphered as “sacred wood” is a praised fragrance. The clearing, delicate smoke of this wood brings mental lucidity, decreases negative emotions, alleviates uneasiness, and diminishes sleep deprivation. Although there are Palo Santo incense sticks and oils, nothing can be better than the actual fragrant and inhaling the delicate smoke of the wood. You can use a match or lighter to burn your Palo Santo stick. As it delivers you a fragrant smoke feel free to move about your life with it and feel the aroma drift through it all.


At the point when your brain feels like it is everywhere, and you have an inclination toward negative thoughts. Look toward frankincense fundamental oil to help improve concentration and enhance your focus. Frankincense can help you feel under control even when that appears impossible.

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