Romantic Getaways in Australia’s Backyard

Romantic Getaways in Australia’s Backyard

There would be moments to celebrate, especially when it involves love. Australia might be the perfect getaway destination to relax and experience new cultures. Australia offers unique and secluded locations for lovers during their intimate vacations. Are you planning to enjoy couples retreats, anniversaries or honeymoons? There are amazing places in Australia where you can enjoy exclusive treats and experiences. The continent is rich with wildlife, waterfalls, boat cruise, stunning beaches with fine sands, and beautiful landscapes.

In this article, you will discover many opulent hideaways and budget-friendly romantic getaways locations. Don’t worry about privacy because it’s the hallmark of intimate locations in Australia. More so, the country is relatively peaceful with people that offer warm hospitality. Apart from being a tourist delight, romantic getaways in Australia’s backyard can rekindle the flames of love. Here are some romantic getaways in Australia to enjoy luxury retreats.

The Frames, The Riverland, SA

Enjoy your romantic getaway in this opulent landscape of mountains that overlook the River Murray. The Frames resort; there are magnificent hideaways with secure accommodation that allows couples to enjoy the beauty of nature. Apart from the tasteful detailing, and architecture, the Riverland resort has clean rooms, and nighttime is lively with outdoor activities like candlelight dinner. The sea breeze will provide the right ambiance for a romantic getaway, and couples can fall in love again.

The Kangaroo Island

The Kangaroo is a special animal to Australian, and it can be seen in mascots, and national emblems. This island is an ideal romantic getaway for honeymoons, retreats, and couples reunion. There are popular sites of attraction and private resorts in the low populated Kangaroo Island. The typical natural features of this island wildlife, the white sands on the beach, and its turquoise water. Kangaroo Island has private accommodation where couples can consummate their love, and enjoy the exquisite treatment. They can choose to stay in the Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Isle, Mercure Kangaroo Island or Tammar Ridge Lodge.

Hepburn Springs, Victoria

Indulge in romantic getaways on the peaceful clifftop at Hepburn. Couples are amazed to find natural scenery that encourages unwinding. There’s a private spa for rejuvenation; pamper yourselves in one of the most indulgent places of Victoria. Do you desire a 5-star getaway in Australia’s backyard? Here’s a chance to make your romantic wish come true.

The Whitsundays Island

Couples will finally discover a getaway location of swaying palm trees and beaches where turquoise waters mix with White Sea waters. It’s a place of adventurous natural scenery that reminds you of fairytales. The Whitsunday Islands has lonely beaches and hotels with exquisite designs. You can choose accommodations from top quality places on the island like the Beach Club Hotel Resort, Reef View Hotel, and Island Resort. More so, there are 74 islands in the Whitsundays, and the best period to visit is between May and December.

New South Wales

New South Wales (NSW) is Northwest of Sydney in Australia. Apart from being host to a free trade zone, NSW is famous for its getaway locations, pristine beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. Live your dream of enjoying amazing experiences with your one in secluded destinations. You’ll find luxury and budget-friendly suites in Banjara Retreat, and Blue Mountains. More so, these romantic getaway locations offer self-contained luxury cabins. Spoil your partner a little, and indulge in romantic activities in one of Australia’s intimate hideaways.

Do you want a perfect escape for romantic getaways that couples can enjoy? Opt for secluded locations where you can avoid the buzz of inner cities, and connect with your soul mate peacefully.

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